Little Greene Paint

Unrivalled depth of colour, Unique character, and complex pigmentation Making our paint selection the true point of difference.

History is deeply embedded in the roots of our Little Greene Paint and Paper range.

Little Greene first began manufacturing in 1773, on the outskirts of Manchester at one of the UK’s most ancient industrial sites for the making on paints and dye solutions.

Since then, the culture and history of Little Greene has continued to develop and grow. Despite Little Greene’s unbelievable growth, the company has stayed loyal to its valued traditions on which its success has been built, and still incorporate many of the historic materials used in the past, for the preparation of only the very highest quality paints they make today. Something Joshua Rowlands, the earliest identifiable proprietor of the works, would have been very proud of. With a vast variety of unique, traditional and contemporary colours and papers, you are sure to find your dream combinations here with our Industry Leading British Paint Manufacturer. Little Greene.

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