Wallpaper Patterns

Little Greene wallpapers are designed to beautifully complement to the company's paint palette. Each collection resurrects designs found in forgotten archives, employing specialist printing methods on the finest grade papers to give the wallpapers their sophisticated textures, elegant appearance, durability and longevity.

Zingara - Nickel

Wilton - Kelp

Whitehall - Prussian

Versailles - Monument

Versailles - Argent

Stag Toile - Juniper

St James Place - Cerise

Sitch - Berry

Reverie - Nile

Pines - Ash Pine

Piccadilly - Plume

Paradise - Nightshade

Paradise - Blue

Pall Mall Vermeer

Pall Mall Scholar

Palais - Schottische

Palais - Redowa

Palace Road Morris

Palace Road Briar

Palace Road Beval

Paint Spot - Strawberry

Paint Spot - Custard Apple

Ombre Plain - Salix

Marlborough - Purbeck

Lower George St - Agate

Woodblock Trail - Wash

Woodblock Trail - Union

Woodblock Mono - Plum

Monroe - Night Flower

Monroe - Dawn Flower

Loriini - Dorian

Brooke House - Cinder

Lauderdale - Villa

Lansdowne Walk - Rose

Lansdowne Walk - Mist

High Street - Lapis

Herbes - Line

Heath - Mineral Grey

Hampstead - Yellow Apple

Hampstead - Penumbra

Hampstead - Cool Grey

Hampstead - Cool Grey

Gustav - Dalarna

Grosvenor - Primrose

Grosvenor - Alchemy

Great Ormond Street

Fern - Off Black

Fern - Canopy

Crowe Hall Lane - Charme

Crooms Hill - Breccia

Craven Street - Grey Stone

Craven Street - Country

Craven Street - Canvas

Cranford Wheat Emailable

Cranford - Red Gold

China Rose - French Grey

China Rose - Blue Lustre

Chesterfield St - Merlot

Chelsea Bridge Hush

Broadwick Street Balsam

Broadwick St - Mono

Bedford Square - Porcelain

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